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Replacement Vehicle

Replacement Vehicle Overview

Replacement Vehicle if yours is damaged and repairable

All of the features of Theft Protect plus a vehicle provided following an incident resulting in repairable damage, where the insurance company courtesy vehicle program is either unable to provide vehicle or the vehicle offered is unsuitable for the customer needs.

In response to customer observations that insurer courtesy vehicle programs are not always able to provide a suitable replacement vehicle, Nice 1 have created Replacement Vehicle ©

All of the features of Theft Protect plus a vehicle provided in the event of failure of insurer courtesy car program to provide vehicle.

In the event of insurer program failing to provide Nice 1 will:

  • Arrange for vehicle to be referred to nearest alternative approved repairer with courtesy vehicle available or ...
  • Arrange the supply of a replacement vehicle through its national rental network.

Significant exclusions or limitations

  • Any vehicle hire costs incurred before we have accepted a claim.
  • We will only pay vehicle hire costs up to the limit specified in the Certificate of Insurance. (Insured Incident)

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